RINO Floundering Due To The Bush Name

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George P. Bush, Jeb Bush’s son, is running for Texas attorney general. He has attempted to paint himself as a supporter of President Donald Trump even seeking his endorsement.

GOP voters aren’t buying it. A new report is outlining how the Bush name has become politically toxic. The report points out that voters view George P. Bush as a RINO.

From Breitbart:

George P. Bush may be floundering in his race for Texas attorney general due to the political toxicity of his family name, according to all available data.

In decades past, there were few political dynasties in Texas as unstoppable as the Bush family name with a solid legacy stretching all the way back to the 1960s. In the age of Trump, the name’s staying power appears to have waned, and George P. Bush may be the latest casualty. Up against incumbent Ken Paxton, Bush cannot seem to find a rhythm with voters who either view him as an untrustworthy RINO or an opportunist spouting Trumpian slogans to win MAGA support.

More via the Texas Tribune: 

His ubiquitous name recognition is emerging as a liability in the Republican party. George P. Bush, who currently serves as the state’s land commissioner, is trailing Paxton in polls. Some of the top reasons Republican voters are reluctant about him are his ties to his family’s center-right political leanings and his own past policy positions.

Bush said those attacks are led by Paxton and don’t reflect the support he has seen on the campaign trail. The sitting attorney general’s ads against Bush focus on labeling him a RINO — Republican in name only — and linking him to his famous family.